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Hunter Douglas Internship Experience: Critical Component Tester

Position: Product Design Engineering Intern

Date: Summer 2022

Project Description

While working at Hunter Douglas during the summer of 2022, one of the many projects I had the opportunity to work on was designing a critical component tester that was compatible with a Mark-10 Force Gauge. The main goal of this device was to be able to measure the force that it takes to open the Hatch Door on a Spool Holder. 

Surrounding that goal there was a strong focus on being able to make a test machine that could eliminate human error as much as possible. That included and was not limited to the direction and orientation of the force being pulled from the servo as well as designing around a carriage that would be able to hold the Mark-10 Force gauge with as little resistance as possible via a high cycle carriage and rail. In order to actuate the carriage holding the Mark-10 to the critical component, I used a servo and switch in order to actuate the carriage and thereby interact with the critical component's hatch door. 

The initial prototype was made from PLA and the final design was made from 80-20 Al as well as PLA. 

Seen above is an up close view of the custom Mark Forge-10 Force gauge carriage which is equipped with springs and a backup plate in order to press fit the gauge on the carriage.
Seen above is the left half of the critical component tester

For more information please feel to reach out to me via email at

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