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Custom Research Based Designed Recovery Slides for Newton Running Company

Date: Spring 2021

The goal of this project was to research and create a recovery slide (a single strapped sandal) for post athletic rehabilitation for a local running company in Boulder Colorado called Newton Running. To learn more watch the short video above!


Figures 1 & 2. Top down view of strap, sole and tred in Ninja flex and up close view of PLA printed tread respectively.

Project Description

It was important to our client that the final product we produced had a unique strap, sole, and tread design so our team focused heavily on these three areas. Ultimately our five person team designed a research based recovery slide for post athletic rehabilitation using first hand interviews from pediatrics, running shoe designers, CU Boulder’s D1 athletes, and experts in the running field in conjunction with educational research, biomechanics principles, and peer surveys. During this client based project, we produced multiple iterations of the recovery slide via SolidWorks and 3D printing with Ninja Flex based on material principles. We also explored the idea and process that would proceed if the slide was produced via a heat injection tool and on a mass production scale.

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