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Above you can see me riding my custom drill powered bike and below you can find more information about my project. To learn more in depth information check out my final report  which can be accessed by clicking on the following links below.

Custom Drill Powered Bike

Project Description

Position: Manufacturing Engineer

Date: Spring 2022

Achievements: Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Teaching Assistant for Component Design 

The purpose of designing a drill powered bike for Component Design was to apply theories surrounding fatigue conditions, material properties and component design parameters so we could successfully complete the Hill Climb race. In addition to gaining experience in how to apply these theories to our vehicle, we also aimed to expand our knowledge on manufacturing and further refine skills we possess as individuals. Most importantly, the purpose of this project was to gain experience in an engineering work environment where we rely on communication and collaboration between team members in order to work together towards one main goal.

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