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Welcome to my Trellis project page! Here you have access to a project overview which includes some photos, an advertisement video (which you can access above) as well as a brief description. To learn more in depth information check out my final report or informative design expo posters which can be accessed by clicking on the following links below.

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Pneumatic Solenoid Triggered Marshmallow Cannon

During the Spring 2022 Semester, Michael Carpender, Quinton Uradomo and I designed, tested and analyzed data from a pneumatic solenoid triggered "marshmallow" cannon which we created for our MCEN 3047 - Data Analysis course.

Our motivation behind our experiment came from the question, what is the ideal barrel length and pressure combination to shoot our marshmallows at. After rounds of data acquisition and analysis, we determined our answer (see our poster to find out)!

Not only did my group members and I have a fun time making our experiment, but ended up creating a mini marshmallow cannon that can shoot marshmallows with speeds upwards of 140mph! This project is absolutely one of my favorite ones to date so I wanted to share our official project poster that outlines our experimental setup, background and results.

Shoutout to my awesome group members, I am proud of the work we accomplished!

Project Description 

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