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Welcome to my Trellis project page! Here you have access to a project overview which includes some photos, an advertisement video (which you can access above) as well as a brief description. To learn more in depth information check out my final report or informative design expo posters which can be accessed by clicking on the following links below.

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Peoples Choice Award Spring 2022 Design Expo

I am so proud and excited to share that myself and team from Trellis won 1st place for Peoples Choice Award for this springs 2022 Design Expo at the University of Colorado Boulder! I am so proud of the work we accomplished as a team and excited to see what the future holds for Trellis!

A huge shoutout to Bryan Sirner, Emily Harrison, Troy Husted, Ethan Street, Alec Shelton and Graham Williams! And special thanks to Mindy Schaefer Zarske, Benjamin Finan, Tim Cook, Jonah and Lauren Darling among countless others for their assistance and support!

Trellis offers you care for your plants like you’ve never seen before. You can forget about over or under watering since Trellis is the product that will prevent you from having to attend any more plant funerals. Trellis’ Integrated Monitor, or TIM for short, is a module which consists of a soil moisture, light and temperature sensor that will easily fit inside your 10-12 inch pot. TIM not only has these sensors but has an LED flower which lights up with multiple colors depending on which type of care your plant needs (blue for water, yellow for light, red for temperature, and green for additional care) which is just one of our visual cues that your plants need care.

Additionally, every TIM can be connected to the Trellis app which you can download to any Android or Apple smartphone. With Trellis installed, you can then add your specific plant that your TIM is in to your garden where you sensors inside the plant will then calibrate to your specific plants needs. In addition, our app has a page that shows each TIM’s data in easily read statistics so that our users and customers can easily understand what type of care their plant needs. Moreover, when your plant needs care, your phone will get a push notification saying that your plant needs care/attention.

Project Description 

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